Adaptive Budo

Martial Arts and Self Defence

We teach a mixed style of Kung Fu, Ju Jitsu and Self Defence using martial science and law, blending it together to produce a holistic approach to martial arts and self defence.
Training at:

White Tiger Kickboxing Academy

Unit 2A - Eagle Works,
272 Carlton Road,

We Train on Fridays from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm 
Ages 12 and up.

We are due to re-open on Friday 28th May

(Following DCMS guidance and COVID-19 secure guidelines and social distancing in place)



Adaptive Budo is a mixed art combining elements of Kung Fu, Ju Jitsu, Atemi Jutsu and Kobudo (weapons) 
The art therefore has solid martial principals in striking, grappling/throwing and traditional weapon use (kubotans, knives, escrima sticks, bo staff, nunchaku, swords, and many more) (There is basically a different weapon to learn for each grade/belt)
We then mix this together with a hearty sense of realism and embed this with self defence knowledge and UK based law,  This then ensures the skills and drills that we train our students with during our self defence sessions are legally reprehensible should they need to be used.

What does it cost?

Firstly we offer the first two lessons free of charge. 
For this there is no fees at all, no equipment required, no fees whatsoever.  it will just cost you the four hours to take part in those two lessons!
If attending these sessions we will need to complete some basic paperwork (address, DOB, next of kin details, medical conditions ect) & advise you to attend in basic jogging bottoms and t shirt

If you decide to join there is a joining fee of
This buys you:

  • Uniform
  • Club t shirt
  • White belt (not technically a grade in our system, but it keeps your uniform closed!)
  • Student folder
  • BMABA license book

Then the monthly training fees are
£25.00 per month
This pays for:

  • All training fees
  • Student membership with Adaptive Budo (including access to our online student portal)
  • Student membership with The British Martial Arts and Boxing Association
  • All grading fees up to purple belt (this usually takes around 2 - 3 years to achieve)   
Here is a few pictures of our training and the things we get up to!
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