Axe-ing for a defib!

On Wednesday 20th October, Brett Lee Walker passed away following a heart attack, prior to a martial arts lesson.   

Instructors, black belts, students and friends immediately responded giving him CPR and trying desperately to revive him and paramedics continued to try and save him for a further 90 minutes.

Following Bretts passing, we are fundraising for a community defibrillator to be fitted to the outside of the building, for anyone within the community to use if needed.  

To raise funds for this,
we are holding a Knife and Axe throwing event on:

Saturday 26th February - between 2pm and 5pm. 

The event will be held at:
The Woodend Farm Complex,
NG17 2QJ

£20.00 per person 

(Payment must be made upfront to secure your place, as places are limited)

We will also be running knife and axe throwing games such as mountain man, snife, snaxe and Coutanque and these will be ran for both experienced throwers and novices (two categories in all games) with certificates for the winners.   IF you have never thrown before, DONT WORRY, as there will be people there to help you, and its all for a good cause! 

This is not an official KATTA comp, more of a fun throw for a bit of friendly competition.   As its only a few hours, we wont be running full walk backs or standard throwing disciplines.

  • Axe-ing for a defib!